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    Bang! The Bullet Collector's Edition | Board Game Insert | Organizer

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    This is an insert for the board game Bang! The Bullet Collector's Edition + Expansions. Stores everything in the bullet tin and can be customized to hold expansions in separate sections.

    - Compact and fantastic organization
    - Tin closes flush. Does not require any adhesive to hold it in place.
    - Supports separate slots for expansion content. Quick setup and functional during play.
    - Supports both sleeved and unsleeved cards.

    Please let me know if you require any specific color and we can arrange something otherwise I will send out the insert in one of the neutral colors (Grey / White / Black). This is usually the faster process as well.

    Thanks for stopping by, let me know if you have any questions. 

    Secure shipping with tracking provided.

    - Game components and tin are not included (just to show how the insert works).

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