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    Dinogenics + Controlled Chaos | Board Game Insert | Organizer

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    This is an insert for the board game Dinogenics along with the Controlled Chaos expansion.

    - Very easy setup and fantastic organization
    - Handles vertical storage. Pieces do not shift/move when box is organized and closed.
    - Box closes flush. No lift on the box lid.
    - All dinos have their own spots. Quicker lookup during play.
    - Fits all Kickstarter Add-ons and Deluxe components (Ammonite meeples, Corrupted T-Rex meeples, Metal coins)

    I can do a altered version to support sleeved cards. Please let me know if that is what you desire.

    Please let me know if you require any specific color and we can arrange something otherwise I will send out the insert in one of the neutral colors (Grey / White / Black). This is usually the faster process as well.

    Thanks for stopping by, let me know if you have any questions. 

    Secure shipping with tracking provided.

    - Game components and box are not included (just to show how the insert works).
    - I do not own the corrupted meeples from the KS Addons. But I have included a separate picture of how they fit in the organizer in the elite dinos box.

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