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    TozzCo™ Focus Ring - ADHD & Anxiety Relief

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    Crafted from high quality stainless steel this ring is designed to help stop undesirable habits, calm your nerves, and increase overall focus and productivity.

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    The TozzCo™ Focus Ring features a rotatable Cuban curb link band that you can fidget with, the ring will help you focus and relieve ADHD and anxiety symptoms. Its very effective at curbing undesirable/harmful habits such as Nail Biting (Onychophagia), Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania) and Skin Picking (Dermatillomania).


    Relieves Anxiety - Studies show that fidget tools like this focus ring can help reduce anxiety and stress caused by tough and overwhelming situations by as much as 70% with just a few minutes of use.

    Increased Focus and Productivity - People who have ADHD usually perform much better when they have something to fidget with and multitask.

    Eliminates Poor Habits - Our customers have reported that this ring has helped them curb their lifelong habits by giving them a more healthy outlet (See reviews below).

    One-Handed Use - Can be used with just one hand leaving the other hand free to focus on another task at hand.

    Quiet & Discreet - The Focus ring looks cool and fashionable without announcing its purpose to the world. The ring's fidget action is quiet and can be used without disturbing anyone around you or drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

    High Quality & Allery Friendly - The TozzCo™ Focus Ring is crafted from high-quality 316L Stainless Steel which is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish or fade.

    Comfortable & Universal Design - The ring has a novel unisex design that looks equally elegant on everyone. Its also very comfortable to wear throughout the day.

    Double as a Bottle Opener - As if it wasn't unique enough, I mean... How cool is that?



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